With the spring 2016 bridal shows already behind us, most couples already have an idea of which trends they’ll be adopting for their respective nuptials. However, it is perfectly acceptable to still be “on the fence” about which ones to embrace. One that seems all-encompassing is the use of layers and three-dimensional embellishments.

At our ballroom banquet halls, we’ve seen it carried over into everything from bridal gowns and table linens to ceiling drapery and floral centerpieces. But we’d like to talk tables in today’s post. Our basic wedding packages include linens and advice on how best to present them to bridal guests. The layered look, although beautiful, traditionally requires more forethought than others.

Most layered linen looks at our ballroom banquet hall start with a table top to floor skirt. Second and third layers are then staggered until the entire table is awash in textiles. Naturally, the type of textile, colors, patterns and shapes must be taken into account just as much as the layers’ respective lengths. Also, the silverware and centerpieces must mesh with the textile layers’ too.

For example, our ballroom banquet hall is vast. Consequently, table linen layers should ideally have what interior designers refer to as visual weight. It is just another way of saying that the linens must be differentiated from their respective surroundings. So in the case of our big ballroom, couples should traditionally choose remarkable patterns and textures that visually separate the linens from the floor, ceiling and walls.

There are some exceptions to the visual weight rule, such as in the case of formal place settings. For instance, plaid table runners would likely look bad next to dinnerware covered in purple paisley prints. To learn more about layering linens and other spring 2016 trends brides are embracing at our ballroom banquet halls, please contact us today.