People have always taken photos during events at Orlando banquet halls. But in the olden days, it took time for those pictures to be developed. Afterward, it generally took several more days before loved ones finally got to see the images firsthand. However in 2015, it’s all different. For one, there are more choices than before and that includes portable photo booths.

Portable photo booths are welcome at Orlando banquet halls. At The Crystal Ballroom, we have a history of working with several such companies and innumerable photographers. Some of the businesses offer internet connected, digital photo services and others do not. Thus, party planners need to ask which photo booth or photography services are included in each provider’s assorted packages.

At our Orlando banquet halls, photo booths may be placed indoors or out as we have several lovely, photogenic locations. And it should go without mentioning, photographers don’t need to set up booths in order to take advantage of those scenic locations. Anyone that chooses to book our Orlando banquet halls are welcome to take photos within their respective party areas.

Photographers that have never been to the Crystal Ballroom before are encouraged to call ahead and arrange a visit. We can provide in-person and online tours as well as answer questions about lighting. After all, we know that lighting is just as important to a photo’s overall composition as background scenery.

Reliable electricity and internet services are available on site too. So photo booth companies and photographers that offer instant, digital imaging won’t have to worry about following through on their promises. Our Orlando banquet hall staff has the electric and internet service specifics for photo providers that need them. To discuss it and other photography related concerns, please contact our Orlando banquet halls’ management directly.