If you’ve never planned a wedding before, this may be the first time you’ve ever heard of Manzanita trees. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about these amazing plants, brought to you by the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, a premier venue for weddings and other events.

What are Manzanita trees? Manzanita are evergreen shrubs and trees that are part of the heather family. The name means little apple in Spanish, and they grow mostly in parts of North America and the Mediterranean.

Why are Manzanita trees so wonderful? Manzanita looks beautiful year round thanks to their distinctive flowers, fruit, curling branches, and especially their bark. The bark is lustrous and twisted, and comes in colors ranging from deep brown to red.

Can I grow Manzanita trees at home? If you’re in the right climate, Manzanita is a great choice for your garden. It likes sun, doesn’t need much water, and can tolerate poor soil. It can also last for 100 years or so.

Are Manzanita trees endangered? Some botanists believe there are 200 or more species of Manzanita, and only a few are endangered and protected by restrictions on their use. You can enjoy the Manzanita used for your wedding decorations without any worries.

How can I decorate with Manzanita trees at my wedding? For centerpieces and other decorations, Manzanita trees and branches can be hanged with crystals, flowers, lights, and other objects. You can leave them in their natural state or paint them gold, silver, or any color you like. They’re also ideal for wish trees where you put out a tray of blank cards, and invite your guests to write a message, and hang it on the tree.

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