Affordable wedding venues are hard to find. Since weddings are special once in a lifetime events that have been planned for months and sometimes years in advance, wedding venues are a hot commodity. Every wedding needs one, and the good ones are hard to come by.

Many venues want to overcharge because they know you want the best things on your wedding day. But we believe that you can have both the best things and the best price. That’s why we’ve created our venues with the idea that you can have it all. You can have someone to listen to your ideas and help you come up with a plan for your day. You can have good food and good music and a large dance floor. You can pay one price, and then be free to enjoy the days leading up to The Most Important Day.

You know, your wedding day is a day you will celebrate for the rest of your life. While it is a once in a lifetime event, it is one that will be cemented in photos and in memories forever. Your decision on place is one of the most important wedding decisions you will make, and we don’t believe it should be made lightly. Cost isn’t everything, but it should be considered. When you can get a beautiful venue at an affordable price, why wouldn’t you?

We invite you to contact us. Browse our gallery of photos. Give us a call and ask questions. Allow us the chance to help you. Look through our package deals. Consider our in-house event planning so that you can simply walk down the aisle and smile for those photos, make those memories, look at those parents in the front row who are smiling back at you because they know how much the wedding means on the first day and on every anniversary after.