The human brain is an amazing thing. While the question about how much of our brain we use on any given day is highly debated, there is no disputing the fact that sometimes our memories need to be jostled a bit. Fortunately, photographs are a simple tool that can give one’s brain the nudge it needs to bring old memories back to the surface. Snapshots of a time, long forgotten, can help to bring wave upon wave of emotion back to the forefront of one’s mind, therefore, there is much advantage of incorporating old pictures into any celebration. Whether you are planning a wedding, an anniversary celebration, or a retirement party at the Crystal Ballroom, here are three ways to nudge the memories of your invited guests.

Centerpieces of Attention

Your photographs are sure to be the center of attention when transformed into decorative centerpieces. Choose a different photo for every table to encourage guests to mingle as they check out various prints. To give the room a cohesive look, frame photos in frames that sport your theme colors. Can’t find just the right colored frames? A can of spray paint will do the trick!

Place Settings

Having trouble narrowing down your vast array of photographs? Using replica pictures as place cards may be just the opportunity you need to show off more pictures. Placing a different picture at every seat can stir the memories of your guests as they compare shapshots, and, as an added benefit, can inspire some great conversation among guests who may have been previously unacquainted.

Top the Cake

Tired of the traditional cake toppers or pithy congratulatory messages piped on in bright icing? Try topping your cake with a photo-cutout or consider having one of your favorite pictures turned into an edible custom cake topper.

Looking for more decoration ideas for your next event at the Crystal Ballroom? Contact us today for inspiration!