Summer means flip flops, lemonade, cookouts, and lots and lots of weddings!

Summer is a great time for a wedding, even here in Orlando!

Often summer is a better time for traveling because school is out.

But let’s talk about the fun stuff: colors!

Summer weddings give you a great opportunity for expressing bright, vivid colors! Aquamarine and hot pink, lime green, bright red, and mulberry purple are all fantastic colors for a summer wedding, and that includes the bridesmaid’s dresses! Summer is a great season to let every bridesmaid have their own color of dress, and to match that color to the tie of the groom’s men she’s walking with. This makes for some very exciting photography for your ballroom wedding!

Pick bright flowers too, or simply beautiful, long stem calla lillies tied with ribbons. Yellow and fuchsia, orange and magenta, periwinkle and coral. The combinations are endless!

And so are the party ideas:

Wear flip flops and sunglasses.

Have glass bottle lemonade.

Serve strawberry and mint infused water.

Provide outdoor games such as cornhole and ring toss, or make some giant versions of beloved table games such as dominoes andJenga. Need further insight on that one? Check out Bespoke Decor.

Contact us because we know that summer does bring about some fantastic colors, but that colors are not purely visual. Color has to do with laughter and personality, the taste of the food on the plates and the faces of the guests as they enter a room that has become a world of bride and groom and everything that their love is.