At some point in almost every little girl’s life, she lets her mind daydream about the day she marries. When that day finally arrives, some brides are surprised to discover that the anticipated day is to turn out differently than that daydream of many years ago. Emotions are stronger, expected guests are not able to be present, and unforeseen circumstances contribute to the emotional aspect of the day.

Sometimes, wedding days can be strangely disappointing.

Fortunately, there is the Crystal Ballroom. When you plan your ballroom wedding at any of our amazing locations, you can rest assured that, come what may, your wedding will not disappoint. In order to make sure that your event is handled smoothly and perfectly from start to finish, one of our staff will sit down with you, after you make your reservation, and begin to catch a glimpse of your vision for the day. We will then put our design team to work. Rest assured, your event will not be a replica of an event held the day before. No, we don’t use a cookie cutter approach to planning our events. Each wedding or special occasion is designed uniquely, with you in mind.

We would love to help you tell the story of how you and your groom got here. How you met, any special points of interest and importance, and even your unique personalities can be developed into your own personal wedding theme. Our designers are extremely creative, and they are good at what they do. From your chosen color scheme, to your unique style, they would love to create an event that has you written all over it.

Ready to find out more about the ballroom wedding available to you? Ready to peek into the possibilities? Don’t run the risk of being disappointed on your wedding day. Trust the details to the professionals at the Crystal Ballroom! For more information, contact us today!