When it comes time to start planning your own wedding, you’ll start by finding the perfect venue in Orlando. After that, you’ll spend hours reading the bridal magazines and watching bridal shows on television, so that you know what all the hottest trends are. These trends affect everything from themes and dresses to party favors and cake designs. Here are some of the top wedding cake trends for 2016.

Monogram Cakes

While putting the couple’s monogram at the top of the cake has been popular for a few years, this is about making the theme of the cake the new monogram. This can be the monogram in large letters on the center tier or many smaller lettered monograms covering each of the tiers. This type of design is versatile enough to use at a rustic wedding or a more upscale one.


Ruffles are taking over one tier of many of the 2016 wedding cakes. These ruffles add dimension and texture to a cake. It also provides a vintage feel to the cake. The ruffles can be small and flowing or larger ruffles that stick out a few inches with intricate detailing. No matter the type of ruffles, this decorative touch adds the feeling of light and airiness.

Painted Wedding Cakes

Have you dreamed of having a wedding cake that looks like stained glass? With food safe dyes, brides can have a favorite painting on their wedding cake or an abstract watercolor scene. These cakes feature amazing colors and details when finished. This technique allows the bakery to create almost any type of decoration for a cake.

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