Listen up, dads! Some little girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day. From the moment they first see a bride adorned for her husband, these little princesses already have their own wedding day pictured in their mind’s eye. Every detail of the dress, veil, wedding bouquet, and ballroom wedding is imagined, pondered, and daydreamed about, until the imagined day becomes a reality.

Others grow up, assuming love and marriage would eventually be their lot in life, but in no hurry to find either.

No matter which category your daughter falls into, one thing is for certain, your little girl will always be your little girl, even when she is grown and gone. As the day approaches when you will be asked to give her away to another man who has stolen her heart, you may wonder how your own heart will be able to survive this monumental shift of responsibility, whether real or imagined.

Be involved. While some modern couples are prepared to cover the financial costs associated with their own wedding, traditionally, it is the bride’s family, namely her father, that foots the majority of the bill. Rather than see this as a financial burden, celebrate this expense as one final way of expressing your love for her before she joins her life with another’s. If necessary, give her some guidelines, set up a budget, and keep the lines of communication open as the two of you plan this wedding.

Be all there. A father’s participation in his daughter’s wedding plans are not limited to financial obligations. Express interest by asking probing questions regarding her wedding hopes and aspirations.

Be in her corner. Chances are, as the big day approaches, tensions between family members will begin to mount. If you notice stress leaking out of her eyes in liquid form, don’t hesitate to let her know you have her back, and always will.

At the Crystal Ballroom, our goal is to provide a wedding experience that is as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. We look forward to being given the opportunity to create the wedding of her dreams, whatever they may be. To learn more about our services and wedding packages, don’t hesitate to contact us!