In today’s busy world, you want to take some time out to make your daughter’s next birthday party a big hit, and one she will remember her entire life. Birthdays are about more than the gifts and cake. It’s about enjoying time with family and friends. This year find the perfect theme for your daughter’s party. Here are a few ballroom decoration ideas to get you started.


Mother and Daughter Afternoon Tea

All little girls love to play dress up and tea party. This year why not host a real tea party for her birthday and invite all of her friends and their mothers. Each guest will arrive in a beautiful dress and white gloves. Start the birthday party with the chance for each guest to make a hat to match their dress.


Set up a table with straw hats and an assortment of loose fabric flowers, bows, ribbon and shiny items. The mothers will help their daughters create the perfect hat with a hot glue gun. After everyone is decked out in their new hats provide a tea service and petit fours followed by a birthday cake. This is the grown up party your daughter will remember all her life.


Candy Land

Little girls love candy and playing board games. This year it is time to theme her birthday party to this fun board game. You will want to encourage guest to dress in a rainbow of candy colors, and you can make a candy buffet a centerpiece of the party. Each table should be set with candy dishes and cartons of candy to take home as a gift.


Instead of traditional birthday games, bring out the board games including Candy Land. Provide a variety of other board games that your daughter and her friends love to play. Finish off the party with a candy themed birthday cake.


At Crystal Ballroom, we can provide you with all of the tables and chairs you need. Our party planners are experts at helping you realize the theme of your party. Contact us today to learn more.