Your little guy is always on the run. He’s rough and tumble and the light in your life. You want to make the most of these years when he is growing and changing all the time. One way to make the most memories for you and him is to throw a birthday party to remember. The theme of the party makes it even more special. Here are a couple of themes andballroom decoration ideas your little man is going to love.


Lego Birthday Party

Kids love to build with Legos. From trucks and cars to buildings and bridges, Legos allow children to build anything that they can imagine. For your son’s next birthday, you can throw a Lego themed birthday party. Start by setting up tables for children to work on a Lego kit or build free form.


Ask one of your helpers to man the free-form table and label finished items for the children to take home. To decorate the table fill vases with Legos and put a bag filled with colorful Legos next to each plate with instructions to build something when the child takes it home. To continue the building theme, allow children to build their own hamburgers or sandwiches to be eaten with the Lego decorated cookies and birthday cake.


Race Car Birthday Party

Little boys love to say “Vroom Vroom” as they race cars around the house. For a racecar birthday party, you can find a variety of racecar tracks from wooden ones to elaborate Hot Wheels sets. Set up tables with tracks and let children take a turn visiting each table.


As a party favor to take home, you can assemble a gift bag with racecars and other items with a car theme, such as pencils and erasers. You will want to have a birthday cake made in the shape of a your son’s favorite type of car.


Here at Crystal Ballroom, we love energetic little boys! We are ready to help you set up ahead of your party with plenty of chairs and tables. Our caterers can help you plan a menu to match your theme. Contact us today for a tour of our ballrooms.