There are many things in life that require lots of hard work. For example, getting in shape may require spending time in the gym, saving for a rainy day may require you to work overtime, and expanding your social circles might mean extending yourself outside of your normal comfort zone. It was John F. Kennedy that once said,

“Things don’t just happen. They are made to happen.”

President Kennedy was right. When it comes to planning your own wedding, it is not uncommon to get lost in the details, rather than enjoying the season of your engagement. While most brides enjoy spending hours pouring over wedding magazines, and daydreaming about the wedding they want, the reality is, planning an exquisite wedding and stunning reception doesn’t happen by accident. Weddings, just like every other event in life, have to be made to happen. Fortunately, if planning a wedding is on your short list of things to do, and you are looking for an easy solution to all your wedding planning troubles, look no further than the Crystal Ballroom for all your ballroom wedding needs!

With the help of our staff and talented team of designers, the wedding you have always dreamed of can now become a reality. Our ballroom wedding packages are priced competitively, and can include your choice of decor, designed specifically for your event. No need to rent tables and chairs, linens, china, or glassware for your reception! Those things are built into our pricing.

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