couple enjoying honeymoon after cheap wedding

Some people want to go all out when it comes to their wedding celebration. After all, you don’t get married every day! And you might want to share your special day with friends, family, and extended family. Plus, you might need to call people from work. And if you have a pretty senior position, it helps to call everybody who might possibly be able to help you in your career. So there are some pretty solid, practical reasons for a person to have a big wedding.

On the other hand, if you choose to go with a cheap Orlando wedding venue, you’ll save a lot of money and can use it for the following:

1) Your Honeymoon:

If you go for a cheaper wedding venue, you’ll have more money to go somewhere exotic for your honeymoon. Think about it – isn’t there somewhere you always wanted to go? The Caribbean? The Fiji Islands? Bali? How about backpacking through Europe? It may not be the most romantic of holidays, but if it’s something you and your spouse-to-be have always wanted to do, you could have a blast!

2) Your House/Apartment:

Where are you planning to live after you get married? Chances are you’re going to have to move. And even if you’re only going to be renting an apartment, you’ll still have to put down a security deposit and first month’s rent. You’ll have to buy furniture. You’ll have to decorate. The money you save on your wedding venue will help you with this. If you’re planning to buy a house or an apartment, the money you save can go towards your down payment.

3) Something Nice for Yourself:

Historically, women always got new clothes and jewelry when they got married; this was called a wedding trousseau. You may not necessarily need new clothes when you get married now… but it wouldn’t hurt to buy something nice for yourself all the same! You can get clothes, jewelry, watches, antiques, rare books, ergonomic chairs, Persian carpets etc. The list is endless.

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