There are many ballroom decoration ideas that now, thanks to the internet, are just a click away. Those gorgeous and seemingly simple ideas that fill your Pinterest board may be fun to collect, and addicting to pin, but turning those creative ideas into a reality may not turn out to be as practical as once thought. Here’s why:

Time is Money

One of the reasons people desire to create their own party decorations is that they want to save a dime. Or a dollar. Or many dollars. And while it is true that you can often do something cheaper than you can pay someone else to do it, the old adage that “time is money” is just as true. When considering whether you should take on the task of creating all the decor for your next big party or celebration, consider the amount of time you have available to invest in this project, then proceed accordingly.

Excellence Comes with Experience

Ask any performing musician how they got to achieve their high level of skill, and they are likely to tell you about the many hours they spent practicing. Just as experience is the key to performing well, excellence in any chosen craft, whether planning a party or designing decorations, comes with experience. At the Crystal Ballroom, our team of designers has years of experience in special event planning, and is prepared to create an event that is sure to impress!

When Stakes are High, Results Must Be Certain

Designing your own ballroom decorations for your wedding or special event is a huge undertaking. The last thing you want to have to do the night before your wedding is run out to the craft store because you underestimated how much tule you would need to drape around your carefully arranged centerpieces. When you delegate your ballroom decor to our professional team of designers, you can rest assured that they will handle every detail of your decor. You can be certain that you will be thrilled with the end result.

To learn more about how our amazing team of designers can handle all the decor for your next event at the Crystal Ballroom, contact us today!