Birthday parties are no longer simple affairs held in the family kitchen with a cake made by mom and decorations hung at the last minute. Today, you spend months planning for a special birthday party at a venue in Orlando. One of the highlights of the evening, after seeing what everyone is wearing, is bringing the cake out. This makes it very important to keep up with the latest trends in birthday cakes. Here are some 2016 birthday cake trends.


By using food color with additional liquids, the white fondant can take on an abstract watercolor look or something more intricate depending on the person’s wishes. These are generally done with soft colors and lack clearly defined lines as the colors blend together and loose color towards the end of the stroke.


Marble in the kitchen and bathroom has become synonymous with taste, elegance and wealth. It was only a matter of time before this design concept moved to food. This marble cake features a white fondant with light gray painted on in a marble pattern. You can add a simple flower to offset the starkness if you like.

2D Shapes Made of Fondant

Layering fondant to make two-dimensional shapes is a new trend. For instance, taking a cut out flower and adding the center part as a separate piece of fondant. This gives the cake additional texture and character.

Flowers Made From Buttercream

This retro style sees flowers made from buttercream instead of fondant. It takes less time to make buttercream flowers and saves the customer money. However, fondant flowers can offer more details in shading and other items inside the flower than buttercream.

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