1. Make Your Guests Comfortable at a Crystal Ballroom Event

    Why would you want to have your event in a crystal ballroom? Well besides being one of the most elegant venues you have ever seen, a crystal ballroom is also quite practical. It’s large in size and can be decorated to suit any event that you have in mind, from a wedding or a quinceanera to a writing or acting workshop. You can even hold a graduation ceremony or a school prom at a crystal ballroo…Read More

  2. Visualize and Let Go: Plan the Perfect Wedding at a Banquet Hall in Orlando

    Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and energy. And as with any other job, you're going to feel disheartened from time to time. You're going to feel like things aren't going the way you want them to go. You're going to want to give up. You may even think about eloping! But you've already put so much time and effort into organizing the perfect wedding that it doesn't make sense to abandon everyt…Read More

  3. Advance Planning Helps You Find Affordable Wedding Venues in Orlando FL

    So you're engaged, and you want to have your wedding in Orlando. After all, the weather is pleasant all year round, and it's one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. On the other hand, if it's so popular, does that mean you'll have a hard time finding affordable wedding venues? As long as you're able and willing to do some advance planning, chances are you'll be able to celebrate the …Read More

  4. Crystal Ballroom Events: Why Floor Plans Matter

    What makes a floor plan so important? Unlike the food and the band, your guests probably won't even be aware of how the room is arranged for your wedding, business meeting or another special event. However, the layout will have a big effect on their experience, and your ability to accomplish everything you want for your big occasion. Your guests will feel comfortable. When a layout isn't well desi…Read More

  5. Sweet 16 Birthday Party Places and New Life Stages

    When choosing sweet 16 birthday party places, it's important to take into account what a sweet 16 party will usually mean to most teenagers. People who have reached the age of sixteen are close to the age of legal adulthood. Most people who have reached this age are starting to feel like adults for the first time. A Crystal Ballroom sweet 16 birthday party will be great for a lot of people who ha…Read More

  6. Venues for Quinceaneras: The Hidden Jewel

    Of all the holidays, the Quinceanera is considered prime among them, a highly important occasion, when a girl becomes a woman. Of course, with this comes the need of a venue, and what better than the Crystal Ballroom? The venue comes with all sorts of decoration packages, enough to compliment any and all color schemes and variations, and beautifully designed rooms to go with them. There are few pl…Read More

  7. The Crystal Ballroom Wedding Guide for What to Do If You Feel Sick on Your Wedding Day

    What happens if you wake up feeling a little under the weather on the morning of your wedding? You wouldn't be the first bride who has to deal with this extra challenge so try these tips to help you have a beautiful wedding even if you have a touch of stomach flu. Focus on prevention. The best way to deal with germs is to avoid them in the first place. Be especially vigilant in the weeks leading …Read More

  8. Things to Do With Your Daughter Before and After Her Sweet 16 Ballroom Party

    The Crystal Ballroom in Orlando is a fabulous venue for a Sweet 16 party. We want you to have an amazing time while you're here with us, and we keep thinking about you during the hours before and after your special occasion. After all, your relationship with your daughter is changing as you celebrate her growing independence. Make the most of your time together with these suggestions for what to d…Read More

  9. The Crystal Ballroom Presents 5 Calming Strategies for Your Wedding Morning

    It's natural to have some jitters on your wedding morning. In fact, many brides lose their cool for a bit, but still go on to have long and happy marriages. Still, you would probably like to spend those moments before you walk down the aisle thinking happy thoughts about your future instead of worrying about why your heart is beating so fast. At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, we have lots of exp…Read More

  10. Valuable Services Provided by Wedding Coordinators

    Getting married is a very momentous occasion in anyone's life. While getting married is a very joyous experience, it can also be challenging and stressful as there are many important decisions that need to be made. One of the most important is where to get married. When looking for a wedding venue, picking a banquet hall that provides you with a dedicated wedding coordinator can be very beneficial…Read More