1. Crystal Ballroom is Your Sweet 16 Party Place

    Let's face it, birthdays are special. All of them are. But there are a few that require a little extra special celebration. Something different. Something big. Something like a Sweet 16 at the Crystal Ballroom! It's extravagant. It's full of life. It has enough space for all the guests. Just being at the Crystal Ballroom makes you feel like a princess, so imagine if it were rented out and decora…Read More

  2. Crystal Ballroom of Tampa Bay

    We are Crystal Ballroom, the "hidden jewel" of Orlando. But we also have many other locations! Our newest location is in beautiful Tampa Bay, FL, and is sure to impress. If you are planning a destination event, be assured that Tampa Bay has lots of life to make the surrounding days of your event a wonderful vacation for your guests. As for the event itself, we promise to give you the best of event…Read More

  3. 5 Advantages of a Ballroom Wedding Venue Over an Outdoor Wedding

    Getting married outdoors is fast becoming popular with many people. However, when you get married outdoors, there’s always a chance of rain. Plus, you miss out on the grandeur of getting married in a ballroom! You’re going to dress casually and go to casual events for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a formal wedding, with a ball gown, a crystal chandelier,  and the work…Read More

  4. Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids’ Dresses and Banquet Halls in Orlando Florida

    There are many elements that go into the perfect wedding. You’ll need to find the perfect dresses for yourself and your bridesmaids. You’ll need to find a great band or DJ. And you’ll need to rent a banquet hall for the night. Just remember that all these elements are equally important and have to complement each other. If one thing is out of place, then everything else will look strange to…Read More

  5. Wedding Packages in Orlando: Quick Tips for Wedding Reception Escort Cards

    When you're planning a wedding, there are a million details to think about, and that includes the escort cards for your reception! At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, we offer all-inclusive wedding packages that take the unnecessary stress out of the process. For starters, here are a few quick tips about dealing with those escort cards. Using Escort Cards: What's the difference between escort card…Read More

  6. Making Out-of-Town Guests Feel Welcome for Your Wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando

    When you're planning a wedding and sending out invitations, you can expect to have a few out-of-town guests that arrive in Orlando a few days before the big event, and it falls to you to make them feel welcomed. Of course, many people will attend your wedding for a chance at a short trip to Orlando with its sunny weather and theme parks. Since these people are family and friends, you want them to …Read More

  7. Tips for Creating a Wedding Registry Ahead of Your Big Event at the Crystal Ballroom in Metro West

    Almost as soon as you announce your engagement, people will start asking where you're registered and what types of gifts you need the most. Wedding registries are great because they can help you avoid receiving six toasters in various colors and sizes. When it comes to items you need to start your life together, there are tiers. There are must-haves and really wants. The trick is to make sure that…Read More

  8. Some Alternatives to Throwing Rice After Your Wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando

    Throwing rice at the happy couple after the wedding is a tradition that dates back to the ancient Romans who thought the act helped the fertility of the couple. However, in the modern world, we know that throwing rice isn't eco-friendly and poses a threat to wildlife and birds. In recent years, couples have made their way through a barrage of bubbles as they leave, but when you're planning your we…Read More

  9. Ideas for Involving Your Stepparents in Your Wedding

    Weddings are an exciting time for the bride and the groom as well as their families. If your family includes step-parents, especially step-parents who have played the role of a parent since you were a small child, you likely want to include them in your wedding. Figuring out how your step-parents fit into the wedding planning process can be difficult. Luckily, there are several ways you can includ…Read More

  10. Eating Breakfast Before Your Wedding Day

    After months or years of planning your wedding day, the big day is finally approaching. You may have had a breakdown or two over the course of your wedding planning, and you are probably very nervous. You have a million things racing through your head, and you are ready for the big day to arrive. What are you going to eat on that big day? Will you be too excited or nervous to even take a bite on y…Read More