1. Crystal Ballroom All Inclusive Design and Decor of Your Special Event

      The Crystal Ballroom features 6 locations in Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, Metro West, Daytona Beach, Metro West, and Orlando. Our premiere venues help you to host and create the evening of your dreams. Create picturesque memories with our professional services. The Crystal Ballroom features the best that party planning can give you. We offer in-house designs that completely decorates for…Read More

  2. The Best “Cheap” Orlando Wedding Venue for Smart Couples

      Your wedding is a wonderful time to take advantage of bargains. Think about all that is about to follow as your life changes forever -- and know that staying on budget for the big day is a most awesome gift to you and your true love. You are setting an example in your lives that will lead to joy and abundance in the years ahead. However, this doesn't mean you want to overlook happiness and …Read More

  3. Our Quinceanera Decoration Packages Make Your Life Easier

      When you're planning a quinceanera, you want to make sure it stays fun, lively, and memorable. You want to spend time with your treasured guests, you want to remember the way your dress sparkled and floated and the way your court stood by your side and supported you on this very special day. You shouldn't be stressed out by having to decorate and set up the event yourself. Forget having to …Read More

  4. Our Orlando Ballroom has so Much to Offer!

    The city of Orlando is world famous for outdoor entertainment. You know it's close to beaches, boasting all kinds of water and amusement parks, sporting events, concerts and nightlife. The city never stops. Yet Orlando also brings one of the best event venues you could ask for. At Crystal Ballroom, we pride ourselves on doing everything we can for our customers. First, we provide a gorgeous venue …Read More

  5. Daytona is our Destination: The Perfect Beach Wedding

    Beach weddings, like all destination weddings, offer your wedding party the delightful extra of relaxing and getting some vacation in along with all the celebration. If your goal is to get far-flung friends and family to come to your event without breaking their budgets -- and to thank you for a mini-vacation as well -- there is no better destination than the Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, in …Read More

  6. Some Ideas to Entertain Children at Your Wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry

      When it comes to planning your perfect wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry, you want even your smallest guests to have a great time. If you’ve decided to invite couples with children to your ceremony and reception, you need to make sure that there are kid-friendly activities to help burn off some of the energy children seem to have to spare. Here are a few ways to keep your ene…Read More

  7. Some Tips for Saving Money While Serving Drinks at a Birthday Party at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry

      Whether you’re hosting your own special birthday party or one for your best friend, you want it to be a party that they remember for years. This is why you chose the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry for your event venue. If you’re celebrating a 21st birthday or one for an older birthday boy or girl, you need to make a decision about serving drinks. The cost of an open bar can quickly spi…Read More

  8. Should You Consider A Wedding Coordinator?

      Are you trying to create a flawless wedding but are worried you might need a little help? A good wedding coordinator from Crystal Ballroom can give you all the help you need. How A Wedding Coordinator Helps One of our high-quality wedding coordinators will help make your wedding more effective because they will plan all of the events carefully. Rather than wing it on your own and make a lot…Read More

  9. Keep Children Busy at Your Wedding Reception at the Crystal Ballroom in Altamonte Springs

      You want your wedding to be a happy affair where all of your guests are having a good time. As you create your guest list for your reception at the Crystal Ballroom in Altamonte Springs, you need to make the decision as to whether or not your wedding is going to include children. If you have a lot of friends and family with children, it’s an easy decision. However, children are sometimes …Read More

  10. Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor — the second best place for a quinceanera

    It's almost sad to see how much your little princess is growing up. The beauty of youthful imagination and discovery gives way to a future in which a lady is valued for what she does, rather than for who she is. (If that doesn't bother her today, check back in twenty years or so.) It is likely that your daughter's life is headed for some degree of treadmill competition mode, which is the future ma…Read More