1. 3 Tips for Throwing An Unforgettable Sweet 16 Party

    Nothing is more important in a young adults life than earning the privilege to drive at 16. Throwing an awesome sweet 16 birthday party is the best way to commemorate this moment and make it one to remember. Location is crucial to throwing a great party. That location needs to accommodate all your guests and your themes and keep them entertained and happy throughout the event. Here are three tips …Read More

  2. Hall Rentals in Orlando, Florida, Provide Welcome Choice in Entertaining

    Faced with the puzzle of where to hold your next event in central Florida, you may be tempted to look into solutions such as tents placed in yards or parks. For at least three reasons, renting a hall at the Crystal Ballroom is a superior choice. 1. Service and attention to detail matter most at your most important events Don't be left having to come up with design help to make sense of a rented pa…Read More

  3. Meet the Orlando Experts in Affordable Wedding Venues

    Sometimes you just want to give up and elope!  Save the cost and complication with a trip to the courthouse? But then you come to your senses. You want family and friends to share your big day.  You want a memorable place that's affordable and easy to work with. Orlando, Florida, is home to the American experts on elegant affordable parties of all kinds -- including epic weddings that don't bre…Read More

  4. The Crystal Ballroom Orlando Talks About Seeing Each Other Before The Wedding

    One of the most enduring of all wedding superstitions is the warning for the bride and groom not to see each other before the wedding. At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, we're delighted to answer all your questions so we're taking a closer look at how this tradition got started and what it means today. Origin of the tradition: The custom has its roots back in the old days of arranged marriages. …Read More

  5. 3 Tips to Decorate Your Banquet Hall in Orlando FL

    Whether you're renting a banquet hall in Orlando FL for a wedding reception, a sweet 16 birthday party or a quinceanera, you're going to be wondering about décor. What flowers should you choose? What kind of crystal glasses would add to the sophistication of the environment? Should the drapery be pink, mauve or sky blue? And how do you make sure that your wedding dress and the bridesmaids' dresse…Read More

  6. Make Your Party in Orlando FL Sophisticated, Not Ostentatious

    There are many different types of parties you can throw—quinceanaras, sweet 16 birthday parties, wedding receptions etc. In each case, you want your party to be fun for the people you attend. You want everyone to have a good time. But you don't want to go over the top in terms of decorations, food, drinks etc. There's a difference between being sophisticated and being ostentatious. Competitions …Read More

  7. The Most Elegant Quinceañera Decoration Packages

    When planning a quinceañera for the young woman in your life, you want to be able to offer her all of the decadence you can to honor this transition in her life. The amazing thing about planning a quinceañera at the Crystal Ballroom is that you have access to our stunning quinceañera decoration packages, all included in the price of using the venue. In many cases, people throwing a quinceañera…Read More

  8. How to Get Your Wedding Guests Dancing at Banquet Halls in Orlando

    What if you had a wedding and no one danced? Okay, nothing that bad is likely to happen, but you can make extra sure the entertainment portion of your wedding is dazzling by having your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom, the ideal choice among banquet halls in Orlando. We have everything you need to make you and your guests want to dance the night away. Take a look at a few points to keep in mind. M…Read More

  9. Orlando Banquet Halls for Not Too Stuffy Weddings

    If you're like a lot of modern couples who are planning to get married, you probably want a wedding that's beautiful and gracious, but not too stuffy. At the Crystal Ballroom, one of the premiere Orlando banquet halls, you can have everything just the way you want it. Wedding Decor: Maybe you don't throw lavish dinner parties every week, and your house doesn't even have a ballroom. It's natural f…Read More

  10. Stop searching for Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Orlando!

    Stop searching! You've found the wedding site you've been looking for.  The Crystal Ballroom is a business that prides itself on being a luxurious, affordable "One Stop Shop" for all of your party and event needs. You'll see from the beautiful website that the Crystal Ballroom provides a classy setting with stunning uplights that make weddings look magical and feel wonderful. When you come in to…Read More