1. Ideas for Involving Your Stepparents in Your Wedding

    Weddings are an exciting time for the bride and the groom as well as their families. If your family includes step-parents, especially step-parents who have played the role of a parent since you were a small child, you likely want to include them in your wedding. Figuring out how your step-parents fit into the wedding planning process can be difficult. Luckily, there are several ways you can includ…Read More

  2. Eating Breakfast Before Your Wedding Day

    After months or years of planning your wedding day, the big day is finally approaching. You may have had a breakdown or two over the course of your wedding planning, and you are probably very nervous. You have a million things racing through your head, and you are ready for the big day to arrive. What are you going to eat on that big day? Will you be too excited or nervous to even take a bite on y…Read More

  3. Cheap Orlando Wedding Venues for a Not So Formal Evening Wedding

    Not so long ago it was natural to assume that any wedding scheduled for after 6 was going to be black tie. However, many couples today want semi-formal or casual weddings regardless of the hour. At the Crystal Ballroom we provide everything you need for a relaxed and elegant evening wedding. Here are some options to keep in mind. Starting with your invitations, make the less formal dress code clea…Read More

  4. Three More 2017 Fall Trends for Your Big Day at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry

    Fall is a great time for planning a wedding. The weather cools off, and the leaves become a riot of colors. This time of year also opens up a lot of options for your fall wedding. If you're looking to strike a balance between a traditional wedding and the latest trends, then you need to know what the trends are for both 2017 and specifically for the fall. Here are three more 2017 fall trends you c…Read More

  5. How to Choose a Banquet Hall in Orlando, FL

    There are so many banquet halls in the great city of Orlando, Florida. How would you ever choose just one? But you have to choose one. After all, your guests would think you were crazy to host your celebration at multiple locations. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we take your event very seriously, and we will do everything we can to make it absolutely perfect. We are your one-stop-shop event center…Read More

  6. Three Fall 2017 Wedding Trends for Your Big Event at the Crystal Ballroom

    When planning your wedding, you have to combine the dreams you had as a little girl to the latest trends of the modern day. Of course, this means you have to stay on top of the latest trends that seem to change not only with the year but with the seasons. As your fall wedding approaches, it's time to start seeing what the current trends are so that you can incorporate them into the decor and servi…Read More

  7. Our Affordable and Stunning Wedding Venue in Orlando, FL

    We know that weddings can get expensive. The dress alone can easily be $1000, and then you have to think about food and decorations, beautiful save-the-dates and invitations, flowers and photographers. Well, weddings are one of a kind events, full of grand, rare celebration and they should be treated as such. After all, this is the melding of two lives for eternity. Still, we know that money doesn…Read More

  8. We are Your Ballroom Wedding Venue

    There is a reason we are called the "Hidden Jewel" or Orlando. It's because we are a rare blend of impeccable service and quality products that, when combined, will surely make your wedding a huge hit. Our products include our beautiful ballroom with crystal chandeliers, state of the art uplighting and spotlights, a large hardwood dance floor, and a vintage bar. We also provide your choice of thr…Read More

  9. Your Winter Ballroom Wedding

    Winter isn't the typical wedding season for a lot of reasons, but we want you to know that we think it's a wonderful season for getting married. It's already a festive time of year because of the holidays. People are ready for travel, with built-in time off from school and work. But there are other reasons to plan a winter wedding, too. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we are excited about the winter…Read More

  10. Crystal Ballroom Offers All-Inclusive Design and Decor of Your Event

    Your event is going to be spectacular. Have you made a guest list yet? Picked a menu? Chosen a color scheme? Have you thought about how to set the tables and where to put the food? Well, don't worry if you haven't because we definitely have! At Crystal Ballroom, we have fully designed and decorated countless events, and we would love to help you too! Not only do we offer three different sizes of t…Read More