1. Quinceanera Places to Make Your Day

    Your quinceanera is going to be gorgeous! We know because we have seen it. One girl decked out in the brightest, boldest, most extravagant dress, surrounded by the love of her best friends and family. Everyone is dressed and dancing, laughing and fully enjoying life. But where is the setting for your quinceanera? Did you know that place is one of the most important things about any event? Th…Read More

  2. Choosing a Banquet Hall in Orlando

      When you're looking for a banquet hall, you're not just looking for a room. You're looking for ambiance. You're looking for excitement. You're looking for memories. Whatever the occasion, we know you're celebrating life. That's why we've made it our business to make your life easier. We have several event packages that vary in event size and time, and all of them come with our event experts who…Read More

  3. Will You Say “I Do” To Wedding Insurance?

    You may not want to think about any disasters happening on your big day, but any kind of misfortune can strike at any moment on your wedding day. Your gown could be damaged, someone could take your gifts, the weather can be unpleasant, or there could be a sudden cancellation. Wedding insurance can help you against those unplanned and surprising circumstances. Wedding insurance can also give you …Read More

  4. The Crystal Ballroom: Sweet 16 Birthday Party Places

      As the 16th birthday of your child draws near, there are several ideas that come to mind. This milestone in your child's life has been an exciting idea for many years, but now that the day is getting closer, ideas begin to come together. The 16th birthday is the biggest birthday that you will celebrate while your child is still a child. The crystal ballroom has many amenities to help celebrate …Read More

  5. 3 Steps to Find Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Orlando

    Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It will include moments you remember for decades to come, as you and your family celebrate the lifelong union of two individuals who join together as one. Of course, depending on your planning, it might also be one of the most expensive days of your life. Between the venue, photographer, and everything else connected to your big day, it'…Read More

  6. Celebrate Your Next Event at a Hall in Orlando, Florida

    When you have a large event to celebrate, renting a hall in Orlando, Florida is a fabulous choice. No matter what type of event you are hosting, using a hall is a great way to ensure that the weather does not affect your celebration and that there is plenty of space to invite all of your family, and friends. Many times people overlook renting a hall as an option for their celebration. Birthday cel…Read More

  7. Simply the best Florida wedding ballroom!

    The Crystal Ballroom in Orlando is simply the best local setting for all your entertaining events. With multiple luxurious ballrooms, it's the ideal venue to host everything the important events of your life. Let's take a look at why that has proven true for so many people who live in Central Florida. 1. The Crystal Ballroom is a trusted business that prides itself on being a "One Stop Shop" …Read More

  8. All Inclusive Wedding Packages in Orlando Give You More Couple Time before Your Wedding

    Planning a wedding should be an opportunity to savor the anticipation of one the most special milestones in your life, but it's easy to become overwhelmed by the details. That's why we designed all inclusive wedding packages that give you more couple time before your wedding. At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, you can choose between indoor and outdoor venue options. Either way, our flexible…Read More

  9. Simplify Your Wedding Day with an All-Inclusive Orlando Wedding Package

    Planning a wedding can be very difficult and time-consuming. And hiring a wedding planner doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. Plus, it’s not as though working with a wedding planner doesn’t come with its own set of headaches. Even when you hire someone to do all the work, you’re still going to have the final say-so when it comes to making choices. The wedding planner might organize the…Read More

  10. 5 Reasons to Get an Orlando Ballroom for Your Wedding

    A lot of people think that it’s old-fashioned to get married in a ballroom nowadays. After all, we’re no longer living in the times of Jane Austen. We don’t need a lot of space to swoop around in our dances. And weddings generally tend not to be that big anymore. Still, if you want to get married in a really classy way, you need to get an Orlando ballroom for your wedding. Here are a few…Read More