1. Crystal Ballroom Adds Stunning Beach Front Fort Lauderdale Location

    A Beach Wedding Venue in Fort Lauderdale If you've ever been to an event at any of our Crystal Ballroom locations, you have seen first hand our elegant extravagance and stunning venues. While we have proudly served customers at our five locations throughout Central Florida for many years, we are proud to announce our new Fort Lauderdale location. This beautiful venue is right on the beach, so you …Read More

  2. Planning the Perfect Wedding in Saint Augustine FL

    Now that you are happily engaged, it's time to start the wedding planning! It may seem overwhelming as you wonder where to begin. The first thought that you may have is "How do I make my wedding as stress-free as possible?" After all, you want your special day to be an experience you'll never forget. By being prepared ahead of time, you can ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, and yo…Read More

  3. How To Have The Perfect Sweet 16

    You only turn 16 once, and you want to make it count. It's your special day, and we want to make sure it's a night to remember. Here's our guide to having the perfect sweet 16. Choose the perfect venue: The venue sets the mood for the whole evening. If you have your sweet 16 at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, you'll have your choice of gorgeous ballrooms. You also won't need to worry about ameni…Read More

  4. Hire a Crystal Ballroom Wedding Coordinator Because Only You Can Greet Your Guests

    Wedding professionals like a Day of the Event Coordinator can handle many tasks for you, and maybe even do a better job than you could. On the other hand, there are some things that only you can do, and that includes giving each guest a personal welcome. See why having a Crystal Ballroom Wedding Coordinator may be one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding. Why is greeting your weddin…Read More

  5. Crystal Ballroom All Inclusive Design and Decor Minimizes Destination Wedding Shipping

    Do you really want to spend a lot of time dealing with the post office or any shipping service when you're trying to plan a destination wedding? When you use the Crystal Ballroom's all-inclusive design and decor services for your event, you'll avoid unnecessary stress and expense, and your wedding will look sensational. Save Money: If you're like a lot of couples you may have accumulated objects …Read More

  6. Sweet 16 Birthday Party Places: Keeping the Other Siblings Happy

    When your daughter is turning 16, it may be a significant event for the rest of your children too. You need to keep her brothers and sisters happy while you're looking for Sweet 16 birthday party places and making all the other arrangements. Here are a few suggestions to promote family harmony. Assign responsibilities: When it comes to party planning, there's always something any family member ca…Read More

  7. Geek-Friendly Ballroom Wedding Venues

    Plenty of couples who consider themselves geeks walk down the aisle, but not all venues may understand your unique charms. At the Crystal Ballroom, we're happy to say that our ballroom wedding venues are 100% geek-friendly. You'll be guaranteed a warm welcome here, and we'll make sure your wedding is as geeky as you want it to be. What is a geek after all? Usually, it refers to someone who dares t…Read More

  8. Halls in Orlando Fl: Simplify Wedding Guest Communications

    When you decide to host your wedding at a premier hall in Orlando, Florida like the Crystal Ballroom, you are already off to a great start with making your wedding a raving success, and dialing down the stress levels. Now that you've done such a good job with selecting the venue, you might want to consider some advice for simplifying another major task. These tips will help you to make your guest …Read More

  9. Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Orlando Help You Stick to Your Budget

    According to some estimates, as many as one in three couples go over budget when they are planning their wedding. It's so easy to spend more than you expected, but it can be a lot more difficult to try to repair the situation. Fortunately, choosing inexpensive wedding venues in Orlando can help you stick to your budget, and have an enchanting wedding. At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando we strive t…Read More

  10. All Inclusive Wedding Packages in Orlando Mean Fewer Choices and Less Stress

    A funny thing happened in the retail world that might make you want to consider all-inclusive wedding packages if you're planning to get married. For a while, it seemed like people couldn't get enough choices, and the biggest superstores were the most popular. Then, people realized that all that decision making can be stressful and time consuming so stores with a smaller range of products and more…Read More