There are so many banquet halls in Orlando, Florida. So, how do you choose one?

Many of them probably look the same to you. A floor. Some walls. Some pretty trees outside. Some of them require you use their in-house catering and some of them don’t. Some come with fanciful decor and some are completely bare, waiting for your inspiration to strike and spread.

So, how do you choose a banquet hall?

First, we suggest that you ask yourself some big-picture questions. How many guests are you planning on? Are you planning on elegant, classic decor, or do you want a shabby chic barnyard style event? What kinds of food do you want to serve? Are you trying to avoid choosing a caterer, so want a venue that also does the meal planning, prep, and serving? How much does location matter to you? For instance, do you want to be close to the city or out in the woods? Or do you want some beautiful landscaping but also to be close the interstate?

These types of questions will help you narrow down your search. Don’t plan so much that you work your way out of possibilities, though. If you plan the event down to the nail, you will end up having a difficult time finding a place to fit your desires.

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