When it comes to decorating for your ballroom event, the centerpieces are tricky. You want something elegant, something that speaks to you but pleases everyone. And not only please, but bring a bit of wonder to everyone’s eyes. Flowers, candles, mirrors have all been done, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still bring wonder. The trick is to add a new element. Something special. Something unique. Something that speaks to your event. So let’s take these basic ideas and make them grand.

  • Flowers. Nature’s most beautiful treat, flowers always provoke wonder in us. Yet, flowers are expensive. Don’t think you need a giant bouquet on every table, though. A single rose in a tall, skinny vase is a wonderful sight. Use a few of these, surrounded with silk petals fallen on the table for an awesome, simple, and gorgeous table decoration.
  • Candles. Use varying sizes, place them in appropriate vases, and tie them with ribbons in your event colors. Use lanterns instead of vases, or hexagonal bowls. Spray paint the vases or bowls with a bit of glitter and surround them with beads or beautiful rocks, all on a platter.
  • Mirrors. These are often used as the base of a centerpiece, to reflect the light of a candle or the beauty of a flower. If you like, opt for mirrors in interesting shapes, not just the typical circle, rectangle, or square. Or use different shapes on different tables, creating interest with typical. Cover the mirrors in tulle, tightly or scrunched, to add color to the reflection.

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