You might think that hall rental is a relatively simple process. You just go check out the hall, make sure that it suits your requirements and put a down payment for a certain date. However, as many brides find out at the last minute, hall rental is not that simple. Often, they can’t get the date that they want. In order to do this, they may have to book many months in advance. Or if they get the date, they may not get the exact type of hall they want. So hall rental, although essential, can turn into a difficult task. Here are a few tips:

Book in Advance        

There is really no substitute for booking your hall a few months in advance. Some brides start planning a year in advance because that’s how long it takes to put together a perfect wedding. If this is not possible then at least try to book six months in advance and you’ll probably get a hall which suits your purposes. If you’re getting married really soon, try looking at cancellations. This might help you to book the hall of your dreams.

Be Flexible

Sometimes, you have to be a little flexible if you want to get the right hall. For example, if you want to have a big wedding in the spring but the wedding hall that you want is only available in the summer or the fall, you might want to change your plans a little bit and get that wedding hall at a different time. Sure, you’ll have to change the theme of your wedding from spring to fall but it might turn out to be worth it.

Know Your Budget

To get the right hall for your needs, you need to know your budget. So sit down and think about how much you’re planning to spend on your hall, on the food, on the wine, on the flowers, on the wedding gown, on the music etc. Once you have a budget in hand, you’ll be able to find a hall that fits into it. It’s good to be methodical and plan things out from the beginning rather than running into problems later.

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