Brides want the reception site to look pretty, but all the things to achieve the perfect look cost money. Flowers, rentals, centerpieces, and backdrops can be expensive, as is the decorator arranging it all. There is a way to have lovely decorations and stay within your budget. Let your imagination and the tips below make your reception a beautiful and alluring event, without breaking the bank.

Use tulle and holiday lights. Tulle can be bought in bulk at most fabric or hobby stores. It comes in many colors, so you can personalize it. White holiday lights left over from the season can be repurposed as twinkle lights under the tulle. This can be draped on walls or even hung from the ceiling.

Use dried branches or driftwood as centerpieces for the ceremony. These are inexpensive, or free if gathered yourself, and can be coordinated with green and red apples, crystals, greenery, and glassware to make lovely rustic decorations.

Use lots of candles instead of flowers. Centerpieces can be floating candles surrounded by votives. You can also use various size votives and vases to create a romantic atmosphere on the tables and around the room.

Use Chinese lanterns. These are incredibly affordable and can be placed with flameless candles anywhere, hung from the ceiling or over the buffet.

The biggest factor in creating an alluring wedding reception in a banquet hall isn’t money. It’s your imagination. Affordable fabrics and simple items can add so much to a room. Banquet halls are meant to start off as very plain, so you can use a blank slate to create a space that has existed solely in your dreams, until now. For more wedding and reception ideas, to find a banquet hall or ballroom near you, or for an exquisite gallery of wedding photos to inspire, click here.