Color plays a big part in all our experiences so you want to pick wedding colors that you’re sure to love. Starting out with a combination of your favorite shades is usually a good first step, and here are a few more tips for choosing your palette.

Visit your venue: Wedding planning will be a lot easier if you avoid unwelcome surprises like finding out that your colors clash with the venue you want. In fact, one big advantage of venues like our Crystal Ballroom banquet halls is that we can customize our decorating for the themes and colors you want.

Celebrate the season: Most of the traditional rules about seasonal decorating have become a lot more flexible, but it’s still good to keep the basics in mind. There are ways to make wintry silvers or summery melons work year round.

Consider the emotional impact: There’s tons of research on the psychology of color, and how it affects our moods. Ask yourself what you want your wedding colors to say, and how they make you feel. On a practical level, see how they look in your table settings.

Communicate clearly: Make sure your vendors understand your wedding colors. Swatches can be a big help.

Simplify as desired: There are lots of resources to make choosing your wedding colors easier. Pick up ideas browsing online and attending your friends’ weddings. Work with a wedding coordinator who can handle the details for you.

At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando we specialize in taking the stress out of your wedding planning, and that includes giving you all the assistance you want with choosing and using your wedding colors. Contact us today to find out more about the great deals on our fabulous all-inclusive wedding packages.