Your wedding should be filled with happy surprises, but the sad truth is that many couples get an unpleasant shock when they find out that their actual expenses were higher than they expected. When you book one of our Crystal Palace banquet halls in the Orlando area, we’ll make sure you’re amazed in nothing but a good way.

That’s because we provide one stop shopping and affordable wedding packages that cover everything from the tables to the chinaware. You won’t find out too late that you need to spend more on decorations or other items.

While we’re taking care of everything at your wedding venue, we also wanted to give you some more tips for staying within your budget so you can have the best day possible. From our experience, here are a few other items that brides sometimes forget to budget for:

Postage: Most people don’t get a lot of snail mail these days so it’s easy to forget about how much postage really costs. When you’re designing your invitations, be sure to get a sample so you can check on the mailing costs before you make any final decisions.

Dress Alterations: Even when you find the perfect dress, chances are it will require some adjustments to make it fit just right. Review all the charges, and feel free to shop around for a seamstress. Keep in mind that features like lace and beading may increase your costs.

Undergarments: You’re also probably going to need to buy the right undergarments to make your dress as flattering as possible. Happily, this is one item you can probably reuse.

Beauty Treatments: What about all that extra attention to your skin, hair and makeup? Many brides book a full schedule of treatments for months leading up to the big day.

The Wedding License: Finally, don’t forget your wedding license. The charges and procedures vary by state.

Let us help you plan your wedding so you can count on a magical and memorable celebration with less stress. Contact us to learn more about our fabulous wedding packages at the Crystal Palace in Orlando.