There are so many things to think about when you’re planning a wedding. So if you’re not super-organized, then you might forget to check off a few things. In order to make your job easier, here is a checklist of things that you know you have to get to at some point or the other, before the wedding. Most of these things are self-evident but you’ll feel a little bit better when you’re able to check them off. That’s one thing done so you can move on to the next.

  1. Book the Hall: The most important thing is to set a date for the wedding and book the hall you want for that date. Make sure you check availability before sending out your invites.
  2. Invitations: Look through possible invitation cards and pick a pattern that you like. Make sure it’s in keeping with the theme of the wedding in terms of color, design etc.
  3. Wedding Gown: It’s really important for the bride to pick a dress that she loves. Plus, make sure it’s comfortable because you’ll be spending a lot of time in it.
  4. Bridesmaid’s Dresses: You want to get a bridesmaid’s dress that your bridesmaids will want to wear after the wedding too.
  5. Flowers: What kinds of flower arrangements do you want for the big day? Remember not to go over the top.
  6. Venue Decoration: This can include draperies, lighting, seating arrangements, crockery, cutlery and stemware. Once again, try to choose simpler designs or your wedding might get a bit fussy.
  7. Seating Arrangements: These can be really tricky. So it’s best if you sit down with someone who knows most of the people who will be coming (usually the mother of the bride) and plan things out.
  8. Food: You have to choose a menu for the big day. It’s better to go with fewer well-made items rather than trying to please everyone. That said, it’s a good idea to have something vegetarian for guests who don’t eat meat.
  9. Music: Are you planning to get band? Or a DJ? One more thing to think about and strike off your list.
  10. Have Fun: Don’t forget to have fun in the process of planning and on the big day itself.

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