All different kinds of couples choose wedding packages in Orlando when it comes time to celebrate their love, and plan their future together. Sure, most of the brides and grooms who contact us at the Crystal Ballroom are those who recently became engaged. On the other hand, we are equally delighted to welcome couples who are already legally married, and now want to have their wedding.

There’s a lot of ways it can happen. Maybe you eloped or maybe you had a civil ceremony. In fact, there’s even a term for your relationship status showing up on social media these days as couples discuss getting weddinged rather than getting married. Whatever the specifics, the important thing is that your wedding is just as magical and memorable as you want it to be.

In the long run, being happy together is far more important than the timetable you follow. There could even be some advantages to being legally married before your wedding. For some couples, it’s a way to have more time to save up money to pay for their wedding. For some, it’s the best solution to various real life events like figuring out how to get medical insurance for the two of you or dealing with any other individual circumstances.

The Crystal Ballroom is committed to working with you to make your wedding a raving success no matter what happens. Our all-inclusive packages enable one-stop shopping that might be just what you’re looking for if you want simplify the arrangements. Meanwhile, our very open vendor policy lets you choose any professionals you prefer or you can rely on us for carefully chosen recommendations. We also excel at customizing your wedding the way you envision it from the decorations to the entertainment.

Whether you’re getting weddinged or getting married, contact us to learn more about our prices and packages. See why the Crystal Ballroom is the ideal venue for your wedding.