When it comes to planning your wedding some tasks are just more fun than others. In fact, creating a wedding hashtag ranks right up there with sampling multiple desserts. Those hashtags make it easier for your guests to keep track of information, and they help you round up photos and other memorable content about your celebration.

Plus, when you’re having a wedding at a premiere venue like the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, you’ve got a head start on how to create a unique and memorable hashtag by making your destination part of the text. Maybe you want to make it #AmyandAdamLoveFlorida or #ParkersInTheSun. Here are a few more ideas for designing and using your hashtags:

Make them easy: Remember to capitalize each word so they’re easier to read. Keep them as short as possible. Avoid anything too tricky like words that are often misspelled or any complicated punctuation.

Make them clever: You can still play around with words. Start with both your names, and get creative with rhymes, puns, and other devices.

Make them unique: Check first to be sure another couple isn’t already using the same exact hashtag for their wedding. Even if you have relatively common names, you can still find plenty of ways to differentiate yourselves like adding in the venue or calendar dates.

Make them prominent: You want your guests to get the hashtag right when they’re taking their own shots of your wedding to post on Instagram and other social media. Post the hashtags in multiple places where they can see them, like on your wedding program, table cards, and entrance signs.

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