It’s important to all brides to surround themselves with family and friends on their big day. However, they know that this can be an expensive and sometimes, a time-consuming event for friends and family members. In addition to ensuring that they have a good time, most brides go out of their way to find unique and meaningful ways to say thank you in the form of party favors. Of course, they want to make sure that these are favors that guests will take with them and use in the future. Here are a few wedding favor ideas for items to hand out at your venue in Orlando.

Charitable Donation

Many brides have started making charitable donations in their guests’ names in lieu of the traditional wedding favor. It’s usually a charity that the bride and groom feel strongly about. They place certificates in the party favor bags letting the guests know about the donation.


Why hand out key chains and bottle openers that guests lose in the first week when you can give them a plant to brighten any space. Succulents are a form of cacti that don’t require a lot of care, making them a perfect gift for busy people.

Picture Frames

Hand out beautifully engraved photo frames for your guests. However, avoid the urge to have it engraved with your wedding date. Instead, opt to have it engraved with love or something else with broader implication, making it more likely that guests will use it once they return home.

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