Once you have said “Yes” you start counting the seconds toward “I do.” You shop for a dress, try on thousands. You look for venues.

Well, here you are. At the right place. A place that will meet your needs and the needs of all your guests. A place that will make everything you dreamed of a certain reality. A place that will make your day magic.

And amidst all that magic, you will surely eat cake. But what kind? Lemon Chiffon. Chocolate on Chocolate. Strawberry Shortcake. But once you choose a flavor you must choose a style. Likely you want the cake to coordinate with you colors and decor, so when you order your cake, don’t forget to give the artist a little bit of inspiration.

Here are three cake ideas that will match any event held at our ballroom (of course, in your own colors!):

  1. The Naked Cake. This trend showed up a few years ago and has jaws dropping. With these cakes, the frosting is left off and often the entire cake is sprinkled with powdered sugar or cocoa, and often provides a great foundation on which to add fresh fruit. Fresh flowers can also be a glamorous way to decorate these kinds of cakes.
  2. Metallic Frosted Cakes. Cakes with metallic frosting can often stand without any extras, and are in perfect alignment with the elegance of Crystal Ballroom. Just ask for a few tiers with metallic frosting, spread either smooth or textured.
  3. Not-A-Cake. We have seen it all! Cupcakes, candied apples, cake pops, rice crispy treats, cheesecakes, donuts, brownies. There is no end to the amazing desserts that we can host at Crystal Ballroom!

Contact us because, not only are we your one-stop-shop wedding venue, but we give you the freedom to choose your own vendors and we have great ideas for all your wedding needs. We can’t wait to meet you!