Themed weddings can be easy to imagine but less simple to bring into reality. If you have a strong, unusual vision for your setting – from Harry Potter to a pirate ship to the French countryside – your expectations may be difficult to describe. How can lay out the vision for your wedding ballroom so that you are sure all the details will be handled?

There are two main ways to approach this challenge. One is to express all the details as clearly as possible to a planner or team who can follow up with the execution. For this approach, a wedding planner who creates sketches and renderings may be helpful. Look for a professional with plans and drawings on their website if this approach makes sense to you. It will cost a little more, but your “set design” vision can be executed just as it would be for a play or movie.

The second way to make a fantasy environment is to find elements in photos of gorgeous, luxurious weddings in your chosen venue and combine enduring elements to make your own dream setting. For example, to make a wedding ballroom in Florida come alive as a pirate galleon, you could construct the bow of a ship, or you could work with the talented planners at the Crystal Ballroom and play off the lovely photos on the website gallery to create a ballroom dripping with jewels and gold tones, and leave the swashbuckling images and ship shapes for the cake. Your creative ideas will be just as vivid, your expenses less and the ease of planning greatly enhanced!

Getting clear on the vision for the venue is important to us and even more important to you. After all, we love the Crystal Ballroom venue as the heart of our careers and callings. But for you, it’s so much more. Reach out to us to begin to create the home for your wedding!