Wedding favors are tiny essentials to any wedding, but can often get overshadowed by the bigger pieces of the event. However, put a little thought into your wedding favors and they will take your wedding to the next level.

First, think of your event and think of you. Your wedding favor should be a reminder of the event and a reminder of you and your new spouse. Do you both love wine? Maybe little bottles of wine with a specialized label added or tied around the neck, thanking guests for their support. You could do the same with coffee or tea. A springtime or summer wedding would be a great time to give seeds (“Let love grow”) or even an entire small plant or succulent.

Candies, pastries, trail mixes, and candles are more common but can all be fabulous wedding favors. Just remember that if you go that route you should opt for locally made ones or at least handmade ones with specialized packaging. Lace tied around a box of two chocolate truffles makes it better in every way.

Contact us because we are more than a wedding venue. We are full of great ideas for your wedding and we want to hear your ideas too! We know that with a wedding comes two people who are different but are full of love and want nothing more than to celebrate their love in style. Allow us into your world and we will make sure that your wedding is beautiful and memorable for everyone!