He asked and you said yes. All that’s left is planning the wedding that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. There are dozens of decisions that you need to make over the coming months. Choosing the Crystal Ballroom at Metro West as your venue is easy. However, you still need to choose a font for the invitations, plan a menu, pick flowers and find your dream wedding gown. This dress is the one dress that you only wear once and want it to transform you into a princess bride. Here are some tips to make wedding dress shopping easier.

Set a Budget

Before you make an appointment at a wedding dress shop, decide on your budget. Of course, there’s an amount that you liked to spend. However, you know if you find the perfect dress that you could go a little higher. Whatever that higher amount is, do not try on a dress that exceeds that amount. You don’t want to have to settle for a dress after finding the dream dress that was too expensive.

Be Flexible

You already have an image in mind of your wedding dress. However, you may find when you arrive at the store that the type of dress you pictured doesn’t fit your body type or look just right. When the store clerk recommends something different, keep an open mind and try out a different style.

Choose Your Entourage Carefully

The people who go with you to try on wedding gowns have a lot of say in your final choice. You want people who are honest but support your final choice. If you know that your mom or best friend aren’t ever going to agree on the final dress, then leave one of them home. However, if you leave out someone who could easily get their feelings hurt, offset it by finding something special for them to do with you alone, such as choosing the flowers.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we know how to help you make your wedding day special. Contact us today for a tour of one of our properties.