From wedding guests to different vendors, your wedding day needs to go off without a hitch despite dozens of different components that can go wrong. You want the fairytale wedding without the stress that comes with it. Since you’re already planning to have your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa Bay, you can make use of a wedding coordinator on the day of the event. Here are several reasons that the wedding coordinator makes your wedding even more special.

Deals With Vendors

On the day of your wedding, you don’t want to leave the place where you’re getting ready to show the caterer where to set up. Our wedding coordinator already knows where you want the flowers placed and the space for the caterer to use for the big event. The coordinator ensures that all the vendors arrive on time, get to where they need to go and set up according to your instructions.

Ensures the Setup Is Correct

From the size of the tables to the arrangement of the dance floor, there is a lot of logistics that go into setting up your event venue. You can avoid asking workmen to move the dance floor with curlers in your hair by letting the wedding coordinator take the lead on your big day. The event planner already knows where everything goes and makes sure it’s right.

Coordinates Your Theme

From the color of flowers to signage and table runners, your wedding theme and colors make your big day even more special. Our wedding coordinator has a flair for blending colors and themes for an elegant final look. You don’t want your bridesmaids hanging signs instead of getting dressed.