Is it okay to have a cash bar at your wedding? That’s a question that’s been troubling brides and grooms for years. If you’re struggling to decide what to do about serving alcohol at your wedding, the Crystal Ballroom of Orlando is here to help.

Advantages of an Open Bar: If the idea of having a cash bar at your wedding makes you cringe, just don’t do it. After all, your guests have already spent money on gifts and maybe even traveled to be with you on your special day. For many people, the whole issue has less to do with the alcohol than with the general feeling of generosity and gracious hospitality.

Advantages of a Cash Bar: Of course, a cash bar can save money as long as you and your guests are comfortable with the idea. Plus, some couples may feel that a cash bar can help people to drink responsibly.

How the Crystal Ballroom Can Help: We can make this common dilemma easier for you. Our policies allow you to bring your own food and drink instead of locking you into specific vendors so you have more flexibility for managing costs. You might find that an open bar is more affordable than you think if you stick to a limited number of choices, focus on your own signature cocktails, and negotiate good prices on your beverage purchases. Plus, with our beautiful ballrooms and vintage bar, your guests are guaranteed to be impressed no matter what you opt for.

When you choose the Crystal Ballroom of Orlando for your wedding venue, you get a whole team of caring and experienced professionals who will make your wedding more amazing and less stressful. Contact us today to start planning a gorgeous indoor or outdoor wedding at any of our fabulous ballrooms.