Imagine This…

You’ve found the perfect location for your event. You’ve sent the invitations and you’re counting down to the big day. Now, time to select the DJ and catering. Suddenly, the venue tells you that you have to choose from their approved list of vendors they work with. It sounds like a nightmare, but many event venues actually do restrict the options for bringing a DJ, caterer, cake, and more. Generally, these locations have exclusive agreements and will enforce them at the risk of ruining your event.

Open Vendor Policy

One sign of an excellent venue is an open vendor policy. It’s your event, why shouldn’t you be able to bring your own caterer or DJ? Event locations that are willing to work with you on your vendors are usually going to give you a better experience overall. It’s easy tell when a venue puts the event first, and it’s always going to be an experience to remember.

How Much is Too Much?

Plenty of locations use the “Open Vendor” Policy as an excuse to avoid providing the necessary services for a successful event. The key is to find a balance between allowing vendors and providing them when necessary. In fact, the sign of a top-level professional venue is the ability to provide vendors from a tightly-curated, trusted list when the customer requires it. Bonus points if the location has a particularly elegant setup that can be used for any event.

Putting it all together

The bottom line is simple–the ideal event location is one that allows vendors to be brought in, but also has a list of trusted, expert partners to pull from when required. In the Orlando area, the list begins and ends with Crystal Ballroom. If you’re interested in holding your event at the most professional location in central Florida, contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!