If you’re like a lot of modern couples who are planning to get married, you probably want a wedding that’s beautiful and gracious, but not too stuffy. At the Crystal Ballroom, one of the premiere Orlando banquet halls, you can have everything just the way you want it.

Wedding Decor: Maybe you don’t throw lavish dinner parties every week, and your house doesn’t even have a ballroom. It’s natural for a lot of couples to be a little unsure about table settings and other decor questions when you’re operating on a large scale. That’s why the Crystal Ballroom offers a full range of design and decoration as part of its one-stop shopping. With our wedding packages, we can help you cover everything from flowers to linens to Manzanita Trees.

Wedding Entertainment: What’s a wedding without dancing? Our gorgeous hardwood floors and DJ ready sound system will make everyone want to get moving instead of worrying about whether they look like one of those ballroom experts on TV. For maximum engagement, aim for variety when you’re picking your music so there’s a mix of serious and light hearted songs, and something for all ages and tastes.

Wedding Food: Thanks to our very open vendor policy, you can create any menu you want so it won’t be like one of those expensive restaurants where everything looks impressive, but there wasn’t anything that you really enjoyed eating. You can have food that looks good and tastes delicious.

We can make your wedding amazing and fun without any stuffiness. Contact us at the Crystal Ballroom today to start planning an event you and your guests will love and remember forever.