Choosing a wedding theme is the perfect excuse to incorporate lavish decadence into your special day.

When thinking about historical figures associated with lavish decadence, it is hard to go past the Queen of Versailles, Marie Antoinette. While not wanting to follow her fate, there’s no denying that her style made a statement.

Follow these Marie Antoinette inspired wedding ideas to make your dream wedding come true!

Decor: Everything needs to be over the top, ornate and luxurious. Choose a decor theme that is based on a pastel color like blue or pink, and use this color in bows on your chairs, your tablecloths and flower arrangements. You’ll need to source ornate, hand painted plates and serving dishes, to set off the table wear.

Hair and Makeup: Think less hairdo and more hair piece. The higher the better, and preferably white blonde. You’ll also need to think about where to place a fashionable mole on your perfectly powdered face.

The Venue: You’ll need to find the grandest ballroom to host your large wedding in. It will need to be dripping with bows and flowers, and have a wedding party table that loudly and proudly puts you and your handsome groom on display.

Transport: Only a horse and carriage will do for carrying you to between the ceremony and the ballroom. Your groom will need to arrive at the ceremony on horseback.

Dress: You will need to forsake comfort in the name of beauty when it comes to the dress. Think tight corset, low neckline and the biggest skirt you can manage!

Make sure you let your guests know the theme and encourage them to join in. Supplying a list of fancy dress or costume hire stores in your area is a really easy way to help them get on board.

And make sure you “Let them eat cake!”

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