Everyone wants to make their wedding an affair to remember. You want to make sure that you enjoy it and that all your guests have a good time too. Sometimes, people are tempted to go all out for their wedding party. However, it’s often a better idea to pare things down and only include the best of everything. So keep the following things in mind:

Food and Drink                      

It’s not necessary to have four different types of wine. You can just have one great one. And you don’t need to serve 20 different dishes at dinner. You can go for half that number as long as long as they are well-chosen. Remember that it’s quality that matters, not quantity.


Many people go for monster flower arrangements at weddings. It’s really not necessary for your flowers arrangements to be huge. You can go with smaller, tasteful arrangements too. Your guests should be able to see each other’s faces at the dinner table. Plus three different types of blooms are enough as opposed to 6-7.


These lend a beautiful otherworldly feel to your venue and you definitely want to keep them. However, you don’t want people tripping over them. Neither do you want them to block people’s view of the married couple or everyone else.


It’s easy to go overboard with too much lighting, especially when the dancing starts. It’s generally a good idea to avoid strobe lights or very bright lights. You want to create mood lighting. People should be able to see each other while dancing but the lights shouldn’t be too harsh, the way they are in a club.

Just remember that the important thing is to make sure that you put some thought into the various elements of your wedding party. If you suspect something is too much, then it probably is. Contact us for more tips on having a tasteful wedding.