If you recently got engaged and started to plan the wedding, you may realize how much work is involved with the entire process. This is especially true if you know that you will be inviting a larger number of guests because you will need to make sure they are all accommodated.

While you may intend on having a beautiful wedding, you may be worried about the costs. Looking at all-inclusive wedding packages in Orlando is worthwhile because you can skip calculating different expenses and use a single price tag to determine the cost of the wedding. To minimize the costs, you should consider a few methods when choosing a wedding package.

Combined Location

Many packages will provide you with separate locations for the ceremony and reception. But, this means that you need to have two spaces reserved during your wedding. A more affordable option is to choose a package where they both take place in the same location. The ceremony and reception areas will be partitioned to create a private look for both events.

Reception Meal

Although you may love the idea of having a dinner reception, you will have an easier time minimizing costs by choosing a breakfast, brunch, or lunch reception meal. The evening and dinner receptions are popular and come with more expensive meals, so you will save money by choosing the lesser used time frame in combination with a more budget-friendly meal type.


Getting your family and friends together for a weekend wedding is straightforward, especially if most of them work standard business hours and have each weekend off. But, holding a weekday wedding is an ideal opportunity to save money on an all-inclusive wedding package. If you are unsure about which day to choose, you can discuss the details with your family for guidance.

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