Your wedding is one of the most important days and events of your life. Because of this, finding the right location is very important. For those that are looking to book a wedding in the Orlando area, choosing the Crystal Ballroom could be very beneficial. The Crystal Ballroom offers a range of different wedding package options, including an all-inclusive option that provides many different benefits.


One of the top advantages of booking an all-inclusive wedding through the Crystal Ballroom is that it is very convenient. When you choose to book an all-inclusive wedding you will be able to get all of the necessary services in one place. This means that you will not have to spend countless hours researching and negotiating with caterers, entertainment providers, and other service vendors.


Choosing an all-inclusive wedding through the Crystal Ballroom is also a good idea because it can be a more affordable option. When you choose an all-inclusive package, you will end up having to write only one check to the provider. This often ends up being a much more affordable total cost than paying each vendor individually as you are essentially getting a bulk deal and discount on the package.

Customizable Options

While there are many benefits of booking an all-inclusive wedding, some are concerned that it will not allow them to put their own touch and style on the wedding. However, when you do choose to book through the Crystal Ballroom you will still get to make many different choices and decisions about the theme, style, and plan for the big day. The appointed wedding planner will also help to ensure that the wedding meets your vision and dream.

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