One of the quiet trends that has been brewing in the wedding theme world is what is coming to be known as the craft beer wedding. If you and your intended always prefer brewery tours to wine tasting jaunts, make your own IPA at home from malt and hops without resorting to commercial homebrew kits, and toasted the last new year with a rare and unusual bottle of Russian Imperial Stout instead of champagne, you may be wondering how you can make your own wedding feel authentic.

Fortunately, Crystal Ballroom of Central Florida is accustomed to providing skilled servers who will cool and chill any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages you want to serve, and to present them impeccably to your party. You can provide the exact exquisite craft beer you want for any stage of your wedding event, from brunch to evening reception, as well as bringing alternate tipples for anyone who does not prefer a notable brew.

At Crystal Ballroom, we do not charge corkage or taxes on the select bottles our wedding parties bring in. Whether it is an abiding passion for beer that will shape some of the details of your wedding, or you are a spirits importer, winemaker or other very particular consumer who must have the perfect pour, we know that leaving this choice to you is incredibly important to many couples today. We work with wedding parties with all manner of requests and preferences. Contact us to design the custom wedding that is the most meaningful to you — whether you go all out and decorate with hop cones, or just insist on having your favorite small-batch Florida “fruit gose” beer for your big toast!