Plenty of couples who consider themselves geeks walk down the aisle, but not all venues may understand your unique charms. At the Crystal Ballroom, we’re happy to say that our ballroom wedding venues are 100% geek-friendly. You’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome here, and we’ll make sure your wedding is as geeky as you want it to be.

What is a geek after all? Usually, it refers to someone who dares to live outside of fashion rules and is interesting enough to master technology or some kind of hobby instead of expecting to be passively entertained all the time. So, what’s not to like?

Here are just a few pleasant surprises you’ll find in store when you choose the Crystal Ballroom for your wedding:

Flexible and Affordable Wedding Packages: Whether your idea of a good time is programming computers, attending science fiction conventions or tutoring kids, we know you have things you’d rather be doing instead of calling 10 different places to find the best price for renting stacking chairs. With our comprehensive wedding packages, you get everything done with one stop shopping, and you get great values.

Lively Entertainment: Whether you rarely dance or you’ve been concealing your amazing Cha Cha, you’ll appreciate our spacious and beautiful hardwood floors and DJ ready sound system. You and your guests will want to get on your feet or just watch all the fun.

Custom Decorations: We like the fact that you have your own style. When you have your wedding at any one of our beautiful venues, we help you decorate and design your banquet hall just the way you want at no additional cost.

The Crystal Ballroom welcomes you to come see for yourself why we’re called the hidden jewel of Orlando. If you’re planning on getting married in Florida, contact us today to see which of our fabulous ballrooms you’ll want to reserve for your wedding.