Weddings are made up of so many components from the wedding dress and decor to the food and flowers. It takes a lot of planning, and there are tons of details to complete in advance of the special day. However, no matter how perfect the dress or how tasty the wedding cake, your wedding day is nothing without your guests. From your aunt Harriet to the guy who makes dad jokes at your office, your wedding is enriched by the guests. Keeping track of who helped to make your day special is the job of your guest book. Here are some fun guest book ideas for your wedding in a Florida ballroom.


Invite guests to sign and express their best wishes on the pieces of a Jenga game. Depending on how many guests you expect at your wedding, you may have to have multiple games. To keep things simple, put the pieces in a bowl instead of placing an assembled game on the table.

Puzzle Pieces

Order a blank puzzle cut up into as many pieces as you need and ask each guest to sign a piece. They can even add words of encouragement. Later, put it together and glue it into place.


If you have a travel theme, then a globe is a great substitute for a guest book. Everyone can sign a space. The global also works with a vintage or rustic theme since there are vintage and simple globes available at flea markets or antique stores.

Message in a Bottle

Provide scrolls of paper, twine, and a few large wine bottles. Guests sign and leave a message on a piece of the scroll, closing it with twine. Adding it to one of the wine bottles makes them messages in a bottle.

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