Many women dream of their perfect wedding day even before they have started dating anyone. Part of that dream is finding the perfect dress, one that is unique and beautiful. Unfortunately, the unique nature of the dress can be compromised if a friend picks the same one. Whether you are getting married just a week or two apart or your weddings are planned several months apart, if you and a close friend have picked out the same wedding dress, you might find yourself in a predicament. If you face this problem, you have four options.

Pick Something Else

While certainly the least-appealing option, if you are completely opposed to having the same dress as a friend, you may want to consider picking a different dress. This works best if you have not already purchased the dress, but if the store has a good return policy or if you are not opposed to selling the dress online, you may still be able to get a different dress.


If you both have your heart set on the same dress, accessorizing differently can help to give your dresses each their own unique look. Getting different veils can help to make the dresses look unique. Tying a colored ribbon around your waist can make your dress look different. Even different jewelry or a different hairstyle will provide your dress with unique touches.

Just Enjoy Your Dress

There is a good chance most people will not even realize your friend and you are wearing the same dress, especially if the weddings are several months apart. Just enjoy your dress, and allow her to enjoy her dress. Avoiding making a big deal about it.

Embrace It

If she is your best friend, you may even want to embrace the fact that you have both picked the same dress. You could even make it look like you did it intentionally. Get pictures of the two of you wearing your wedding dresses together. Enjoy the fact that you and your friend are so close that you both picked the same dress.

While the dress is important, picking the right wedding location is also essential. If you are looking for a memorable place for your ballroom wedding, contact us. We can provide you with great locations for your wedding as well as the reception.