We chose the name Crystal Ballroom for a reason, and it’s not just because the words sound good together.

It’s because crystals are elegant. They are classic. They are customizable. You can put crystals on jewelry and shoes and tiaras, on baseball caps and headphones, and on blouses and jeans. Or you can just put them up on a pillar for display.

Surely, fake crystals have been floating around, but you know when you’ve encountered a real one. They really do not compare.

Crystals draw attention and provoke awe. They are simply beautiful. A that’s what we strive for at every one of the ballroom weddings we host. Pure elegance from floor to ceiling.

How do we accomplish this? We use drapery and chandeliers. We invite extravagant flower bouquets and tablecloths and chair coverings. It sounds simple, and may appear effortless, but elegance should always appear effortless. The secret is that creating elegance takes a lot of time. We work hard year-round to provide the best venue for your grand celebration. We keep ourselves up-to-date with wedding trends. We hire lighting experts to make sure everything shines the way it should.

We believe in providing good service, too, and in making your wedding the least-stressful day of your life. Sure, you’re bound to be excited and you might get butterflies in your stomach, but we hope that’s because of the love you are vowing forever.

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