There are tons of details to coordinate when planning the perfect event. The guest list, menu and party decorations are a few of the things to consider. The bar service is one aspect of the event that is often overlooked. Nothing can ruin a party more than receiving a huge unexpected bar bill at the end of the evening. Let our unique beverage service take the stress out of your bar service options. This will allow you to know exactly what to expect before your event even begins.

Bring Your Own Beverages: You provide all the alcohol and soft drinks. You can select beforehand what you think your guests will enjoy. You choose the brand, quality and quantity of what you would like to serve. Our professional staff will take care of the rest.

In-House Bartender: Our in-house bartender will provide your guests with quality, first-class service. Requests for wine, mixed cocktails and soda are all met with timely accuracy. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that your guests are being well taken care of.

Beverage Service: All alcohol and soft drinks are chilled and cooled beforehand. Your guests will receive a refreshing drink every time. The service they receive from our servers will be second to none.

Supplemental Fees:

There are no hidden fees for this service. We do not charge cork fees or taxes. There are no surprises at the end of the night.

Contact us to discuss all your bartending needs to create a memorable event.