2017 Wedding Trends Inspire Decisive Actions By Sophisticated Brides

Whether you define the latest trend or defy it, knowing wedding styles will play a key factor in wedding design and planning. The worst thing would be to exemplify a trend that is a decade old — unless you simply love that particular trend and decide to bring it back. Ultimately, you have the freedom to choose any wedding element you like this year — but to start, let’s sift through the best of this year’s most creative ideas.

After reviewing our own recent experiences and reading the 14 top bridal websites, we isolated three floral trends that offer the most potential to the discerning bride. Here are this year’s top three elegant, romantic trends.

  • Hanging arrangements continue to delight brides and their guests. Trailing greenery and soft blooms delight the eye and draw the gaze upward. Creating a magical garden indoors remains the goal of the elite floral designers in 2017.
  • Metallic treasures persist this year in gold and silver dresses and shiny decor. Celebrate the shiny and incorporate gold or silver. Crystal Ballroom can provide beautiful beveled mirror bases for your arrangements, or drape sparkling crystals over sleek manzanita trees on the table top, tying into this trend for sparkle.
  • Peonies and related soft-petal flowers are the most romantic of floral choices and this year they are requested at elegant weddings and receptions around the land. If you haven’t looked at peonies, check out this heart-melting bloom. Or go with the flowers that you know and love.

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