One of the many great things about a Florida ballroom wedding is the opportunity for you and your guests to get out on the dance floor. At the Crystal Palace in Orlando, you’ll find an ideal venue for dancing the night away.

Think about some of the most magical moments of any wedding. You probably imagine the happy couple sharing the first dance, and the bride and groom dancing with their parents. Of course, any dance moves by the youngest or oldest guests often pack so much cuteness that they tend to draw a big crowd too.

No bride wants sore feet interfering with all that fun. Here are a few tips to help you stay comfortable:

Choose the right heels. If you have no special issues, you can probably still wear heels. Just look for features like a padded footbed, and a wide base for the heel itself.

Consider inserts. Gel inserts or cushioned pads can help on any day when you’ll be on your feet more than usual. Use them for overall support or quick solutions for any spots that start to rub.

Bring a back-up. Unexpected things happen. If one pair of shoes does start to pinch, have another pair handy. Just make sure all your footwear works with the length of your gown.

Contact us at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando to enjoy a first-hand look at what we can do for the entertainment portion of your wedding. You’ll see why we get rave reviews for our vast dance space, beautiful hardwood floors, and DJ ready sound systems, not to mention expert uplighting and spotlights.