Where do you even begin when you’ve got a job as big as planning your wedding? Experts say the first step is choosing your venue. Consider the advantages of putting your wedding venue at the top of your to do list.

Get the date you want: Popular wedding spots often fill up fast. You’ll stand a better chance of getting the dates you want if you contact your potential venue as soon as possible. That’s especially true if you’re planning on tying the knot during the busiest months like June, August, September, and October.

Stick to your budget: Your venue will have a big impact on what your total costs will be. For example, many places will require you to use their preferred caterer and other vendors who may charge rates higher than what you expected. You may also find that wedding packages that are called all-inclusive actually leave out some items you’ll have to pay extra for like table linens or a professional bartender.

Simplify the arrangements: Did you ever have to change your shoes because they clashed with the rest of your outfit? Once you see your wedding venue, you’ll have a better idea about how to integrate all the various elements from wedding colors to the overall theme. That way you can save time by focusing on the options that are appropriate for you,  and you can feel more confident that everything will come together the way you want.

Selecting a venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when you’re planning your wedding. That’s why choosing a premiere location like the Crystal Ballroom with its open vendor policy and one stop shopping can help you to make your special day live up to your dreams. Contact us today to see why we’re called the hidden jewel of Orlando.