As you get started planning your wedding, you learn that there are more and more decisions that need to be made. From picking a dress to coordinating a seating chart, your chore list never seems to end. Of course, one of the easiest chores includes selecting the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa Bay as your wedding venue. When it comes to keeping wedding guests occupied, the cocktail hour has become very popular. However, there is significant expense involved in providing drinks to all your guests. In some cases, you might not want to provide alcohol at your wedding. Here are a couple of alternatives to the cocktail hour.

Milk and Cookies

Provide your guests with a sweet alternative to the cocktail hour. You can work with your caterer to provide milk in martini glasses and place a cookie on top. Another option is to provide pitchers of milk, including everyone’s favorite, chocolate milk. Place cookies on napkins or in little sleeves. You can do the old standby of chocolate chip and oatmeal raisins cookies. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, include some of the new gourmet flavored cookies, such as caramel and sea salt.

Enjoy a Barbecue

Set out some picnic tables and cover them in paper. After the ceremony, offer your hungry guests BBQ pork sliders, mini corn on the cobs, shooters with coleslaw, and mini ramekins filled with baked beans or mac and cheese. For drinks, you can provide sweet iced tea, lemonade and a variety of juices and sodas. Don’t forget the hush puppies.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we offer a generous open door policy for vendors to set up your alternative cocktail hour. Call us today to learn more.