thrilled-crowd-of-teenagers-dancing-on-dance-floor-with-confetti-and-balloonsYou could have a Sweet 16 at home. You could set out chips and taco dip, push all your couches against the walls so there’s room to dance, grab a cake mix from the grocery store and light some candles.

But this is your 16th birthday. It only comes once. Yes, all birthdays come once, but 16 years is something special. The year when you are still a child, but you’re becoming a lady. You are on the way to great things but still able to sit with your family on weekday nights.

We believe that your 16th year of life should be celebrated big. So let’s get out the crystal. Let’s bring on the DJ. Let’s crank up the music, cut a beautiful cake into pieces and dance the night away.

Crystal Ballroom’s dance floor is glorious and has room for everyone. (You will find no couches against our walls!) Our elegant coffee service will keep everyone refreshed. Our open vendor policy allows you to choose any vendors you like.

We even have a special “Sweet 16” event package that’s a perfect fit for your celebration. That’s five hours for up to 100 guests (and room for more at an additional charge!) Our expert advice and in-house decorator is available in this package too because we believe it’s reason to go all out.

Contact us to set up your free event consultation and to look through our gallery of past events. You’ll find they are wrought with elegance. You’ll be ecstatic to celebrate here!